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Christ Downes (old belt) 90kg Down

Christ Downes 90kg Down

This is Chris Downes.  Two and a half years ago Chris started his weight loss journey at 185kg.  Today his weighs 95kg.  Are you contemplating starting a similar journey yourself? Have you lost and gained significant weight over the years and have lost faith in yourself? Do not be disheartened, Chris’ journey is inspirational and surprisingly simple. This is his story… Continue Reading »

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Weight Loss Help

Happy New Year! Have you taken stock and written your health resolutions on a blank canvass? Or have you forgotten what you wrote on the first day of the year? Run out of fizz?  For inspiration I would like to share with you “The Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt. Continue Reading »

Meaning of FoodThe ancient Chinese developed their writing systems from drawings symbolising certain meanings.  From these drawings, words were formulated by combining them to create new more complicated words. Find out how the word ‘food’ was derived 5,000 years ago.
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Shrink Yourself ReviewThis is a Shrink Yourself Review on the new online weight loss program that addresses emotional eating by Dr Roger Goul.  This Shrink Yourself Review covers in-depth information on my thoughts about this accessible and affordable online therapy. Continue Reading »

Dietary fats have received such bad reputation that health advocates often eliminate this food group totally from their diets.  This causes their  intakes of omega 6, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E to become marginal.  Find out which food items have the highest concentration of these nutrients as well as provide us with the right dietary fats for reducing the risk of heart disease.

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fast weight loss with a balanced dietFast weight loss is commonly associated with food deprivation and acute hunger.  This does not necessarily have to be so. Find out just how much of each food group you should be eating to maintain a balanced diet and STILL experience fast weight loss.
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Rest & Relaxation

Have you ever wondered how to look younger without surgery?  Why do some people look so young for their chronological age while others look much older?

Read on for some very quick and effective tips on how to look younger.
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Hippie Xmas Party 2010

With the holiday season in full swing, don’t forget to take time out to pause, listen to your thoughts and connect with yourself. Remember people often overeat when they take care of everyone else’s needs and forget about their own.
Christmas is the time of the year when people are prone to overeating to feel better. Stop. Slow down. Yield not to the trance of dis-empowerment. Less is more. Ask yourself, “To be or not to be?” Be still. Tune in to your body cues. Who are you “being” around food this season? Happy Christmas!

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