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Dietitian Appointment Now Available Online

Are you too busy to see a dietitian? Have your got a referral from your doctor but your working hours do not permit you to get away? Well, now we have an online dietetics program which allows you to see your dietitian in the comfort of your office or living-room. For bookings for appointments please […]

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Shrink Yourself Review – Overcoming Emotional Eating

This is a Shrink Yourself Review on the new online weight loss program that addresses emotional eating by Dr Roger Goul.  This Shrink Yourself Review covers in-depth information on my thoughts about this accessible and affordable online therapy.

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Why Do Diets Not Work?

In this 2-minute video I talk about exactly why diets do not work and the shocking impact dieting can have on your system.

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Weight Loss Help – Journaling

Success at weight management hinges on making consistent journal entries for accountability.

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Weight Loss in Real Time (part 8)

How do you approach a big function or wedding reception or up-coming Christmas dinner? Do you pamper yourself and eat all-you can eat or do you shun these events like the plaque because they will derail your weight management efforts? This article examines how just having a simple game plan can help you manage such occasions without feeling deprived.

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Weight Loss in Real Time (part 7)

Simplify and compartmentalize your life so that you do not snowball your problems and end up botching your weight management efforts.

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Weight Loss in Real Time (part 6)

Mindful eating involves eating with all your 5 senses, slowing down, learning to relax and listening to yourself. Practice mindful eating and maintaining your ideal weight will never be a struggle again.

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Weight Management in Real Time (part 5)

Jemima share her weight management breakdown in real time. This weekend she has totally derailed her efforts. Find out what structure she is putting in place to prevent that next weekend.

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