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Top 10 Digital Innovations for Weight Management

Digital innovations are part of our lives. Some people view them as intrusions but others embrace them with unbridled enthusiasm. Needless to say, digital technology is alive and well in the weight management arena. In this article, I will review the top 10 digital innovations employed to help people lose weight and keep weight off.

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Dietitian Appointment Now Available Online

Are you too busy to see a dietitian? Have your got a referral from your doctor but your working hours do not permit you to get away? Well, now we have an online dietetics program which allows you to see your dietitian in the comfort of your office or living-room. For bookings for appointments please […]

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Outstanding Weight Loss Story

Find out how to lost 90kg in a slow and steady manner and keep the weight off.

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Weight Loss Help

This an inspirational quote from Theodore Roosevelt from a speech made at the Sorbonne, Paris, France, on 23rd April 1910. This quote chellenges your view on how you approach your weight loss journey and your quest for better health.

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Shrink Yourself Review – Overcoming Emotional Eating

This is a Shrink Yourself Review on the new online weight loss program that addresses emotional eating by Dr Roger Goul.  This Shrink Yourself Review covers in-depth information on my thoughts about this accessible and affordable online therapy.

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Dietary Fats that Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Dietary fats have received such bad reputation that health advocates often eliminate this food group totally from their diets.  This causes their  intakes of omega 6, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E to become marginal.  Find out which food items have the highest concentration of these nutrients as well as provide us with the […]

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Achieve Fast Weight Loss with a Balanced Diet

This article covers the dangers of sophisticated weight loss drugs and rigid diets in losing weight. Sometimes, it is the simple no frills common sense weight loss methods that work without nasty side effects and have lasting results. Apportioning ones food and eating a well -balanced diet 3 times a day could be the answer to a hunger-free effective weight loss regime.

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How to Survive the Holiday Season and Lose Weight

Find out how to survive the holiday season and lose weight. Do you take care of everyone else’s needs and forget about your own? The more your neglect yourself, the more overweight you are likely to be. Survive the holiday season by going within and nurturing yourself.

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