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The article shows you the 5 simple changes that may just save you from some of the most common life-threatening diseases.

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In this article, I will share with you the ten simple rules to look and feel the best you have ever felt in your life!  There is no reason why you cannot have it all.  Weight management should not be an exercise in extreme denial and severe punishment.  Banish all thoughts of lack and embrace […]

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Polycystic Ovarian Disease

The underlying cause of Polycystic Ovarian Disease is insulin resistance. This is a condition in which the body resists the action of the hormone insulin (this hormone is produced by the pancreas which resides near the stomach). Did you know that PCOS afflicts one in four women in developed nations?  This article is about PCOS […]

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It is almost summer time. Lots of delicious fruits are in season. At this time of the year, the shops are full of tropical fruits. Many diabetics erroneously think that they should avoid tropical fruits as they will raise their blood sugar levels. Well this is not true.

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